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Conor McGregor fined $150k for throwing cans at UFC 202 presser

The UFC’s featherweight champion just got stuck with a huge fine for his half of the UFC 202 presser fracas with Nate Diaz’s crew.

Conor McGregor throwing, Esther Lin via Esther Lin/MMA Fighting

Time to move Conor McGregor’s record to 1-2 for 2016, because he just took a beating. The UFC featherweight champion appeared - over the phone - in front of the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NAC) on Monday, October 10th for a hearing in regards to the UFC 202 presser brouhaha that ended up with an exchange of beverages. “The Notorious” McGregor got into a shouting match with Nate Diaz’s team as they were leaving the presser which quickly escalated with cans of Monster Energy drink and water bottles being lobbed on both sides.

The NAC was not amused. The Nevada Attorney General initially recommended a $25,000 fine and 25 hours of community service from McGregor for his role in the scuffle. McGregor’s team told the NAC straight away that they’d accept whatever punshiment the commission decided on. That may have been a mistake.

While the NAC debated going as high as $300,000, they eventually settled on fining McGregor 5% of his UFC 202 purse for his actions, or $150,000. He’s also been given 50 hours of community service, with the intention that half of his fine will go toward an “anti-bullying campaing” and perhaps a PSA for the NAC, starring McGregor himself.

At the same hearing, Nate Diaz was granted a continuance for his role in the incident. And after seeing where McGregor ended up it looks like he’s going to need every bit of time he can get to prepare a solid defense.