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Floyd Mayweather to Dana White: 'It's easy to get a ton of money off these UFC guys'

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Floyd Mayweather hits back at Dana White's recent retorts about putting the Conor McGregor match-up under MMA rules, instead.

If it were up to Floyd Mayweather, the much talked-about match-up against UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor would be under boxing rules. UFC president Dana White, however, disagrees.

While he did state that he never thought the bout would come to fruition, the outspoken UFC executive says he wants kicks, punches, and elbows involved, if the two men do end up fighting each other.

"They seem to want the money, probably! But I don't know how bad they actually want to make that a reality," White told TMZ. "Listen, Conor's under contract with me. We can start with kicks, punches, and elbows."

"That's right. Kicks, punches, and elbows. He (Mayweather) doesn't have to learn to do anything, but he's going to get kicked and elbowed."

Mayweather, for his part, had already dismissed the idea, and would prefer to just move on. But now that the conversation has been brought back to the table, "Money May" once again spoke about it, but directed his attention to White.

"It’s easy for another guy to speak when he’s not in there in a contact sport," Mayweather told Fight Hype. "It’s easy to get a ton of money off these UFC guys while they’re not really getting paid. And he’s living better than the UFC guys. There’s a difference."

"They say ‘Oh, Floyd is living better than all his fighters,’ well guess what, I was a fighter myself. So I’ll put in the work on both sides."