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ACB 47: Braveheart free stream, live discussion, and results

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Check out the live stream for ACB 47: Braveheart from Glasgow, Scotland.

From the first time since the promotion's inception in 2014, Absolute Championship Berkut (ACB) will head overseas to Glasgow, Scotland for the biggest show in their two-year history. The event will feature a headlinign act between Robert Whiteford and Kevin Petshi, as well as a co-main event between Saul Rogers and Michell Adelina. UFC veterans Norman Parke and John Maguire are also featured on the card.

ACB 47: Braveheart will begin at 11am ET.

The full fight card is available below:

Robert Whiteford vs. Kevin Petshi
Saul Rogers vs. Michell Adelina
Andrew Fisher vs. Norman Parke
Danny Mitchell vs. Jake Bostwick
Ed Arthur vs. Brent Crawley
Kieran Malone vs. John Maguire
Gavin Hughes vs. Chris Bungard
Ryan Scope vs. Yusup Umarov
James Brum vs. Sayd-Khamzat Avkhadov
Magomed Raisov vs. Michael Bobner
Daniel Crawford vs. Alihan Suleimanov
Andy Spiers vs. Beckhan EzerkhanoV
Jason Woods vs. Dominic Dillon
Shoaib Yusuf vs. Denis Ahren
Kevin Lobban vs. Adam Bramhald
Lee Chadwick vs. Ibragim Chuzhigaev
Jack DeMarco vs. Ben Holdsworth
Calum Murrie vs. Josh Abraham
Arturo Chavez vs. Shamil Shakhbulatov