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Video: Former NHL star falsely accused of assaulting gym owner

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Did a huge ex-NHLer help his friends to rob a gym of their equipment and commit assault in the process? No, no he did not.

A former NHL player appeared to be in hot water after a kickboxing gym was allegedly robbed, but it appears that the police don't consider it a criminal event. Dustin Penner, a 6'4", 247-pound left winger, appeared on the radar of police after he was accused of assault by a gym owner. The owner also claims he was robbed.

That's not really the case though.

As you can see in the video (via TMZ), Penner (who has his german shepherd with him) and some other men enter a gym and begin to remove some equipment. When the gym owner steps in, he tussles with Penner a bit.

According to Penner, he was just helping his friends repossess some equipment that hadn't been paid for. The gym owner claims it has been fully paid off though, and it was a robbery.

Police told TMZ that they consider in a civil issue, not a criminal one, and Penner has done nothing wrong. Penner also posted a lengthy statement on his Twitter account, expressing his dissatisfaction with how TMZ handled the story and explaining the entire situation from his perspective.

Penner, 29, played nine seasons in the NHL with four teams, and scored 151 goals in his career.

And yes, it is a slow news day.