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Three Amigos No. 037: Al Iaquinta details the downside of the Reebok deal

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This week's Three Amigos Podcast features unfiltered UFC lightweight contender, Al Iaquinta detailing the downside of the Reebok deal, UFC Number 1 heavyweight contender, Stipe Miocic on learning the hype game better and leading weight management specialist, George Lockhart in the latest edition of the Weight List.

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It's Thursday, and that means a new episode of the Three Amigos Podcast is ready for your listening pleasure. This week we've got one of the most unfiltered athletes in the UFC, Al Iaquinta, new UFC Number 1 heavyweight contender, Stipe Miocic and leading weight management specialist, George Lockhart. It's a "Can't Miss" episode.

Here is a summary of each interview segment, complete with time stamps for your convenience. As always, we hope you enjoy listening to the show as much as we enjoyed recording it.

UFC lightweight contender and red-hot lightning rod, Al Iaquinta (interview starts at the 59:15 mark of the audio), dropped in to discuss:

-Whether he feels Conor McGregor should get an immediate title shot if he moves to 155
-What he thinks of the athletes like Paige VanZant and Sage Northcutt getting paid higher than most of the UFC roster
-Where he thought Dustin Poirier was strongest and weakest in his fight with Joe Duffy
-If he feels Poirier is the best choice of opponent for his return to action in mid-summer 2016
-If he feels dos Anjos has the most complete skillset at 155
-Updates on his recovery from knee surgery
-Just how bad the Reebok Deal is for some fighters and the importance of speaking up about it
-How difficult it is to stay afloat financially when injured and the importance of planning ahead
-Thoughts on free agency in the midst of teammate, Aljamain Sterling's ongoing contract negotiations and experimentation with exploring the market
-If he feels fans and media have made too much of his fight with Jorge Masvidal

UFC Number 1 heavyweight contender, Stipe Miocic (interview starts at the 1:24:30 mark of the audio), joined the Amigos to discuss:

-What he's been doing since Saturday night
-If he cares what card he's on next and if UFC 200 is the golden ticket card
-Thoughts on ending one of the best Cinderella runs in UFC history
-Why he has recently been putting a loud voice to his run at the title
-If it bothered him when Dana White told him to "get more popular if you want a title shot"
-If he "trains" himself to be a better hype man
-analysis of how Velasquez/Werdum II could go down

Leading weight management specialist, George Lockhart and our own Iain Kidd (segment starts at the 16:55 mark of the audio) are back with Number 11 in our Weight List series. They discuss the following topics:

-The best food to eat to kick off your day with energy
-Why going strictly organic isn't always the smartest choice
-The best food to eat later in the day/evening to promote a healthier resting state and good sleep

If you have a question you'd like to submit to The Weight List Mailbag, please e-mail or shoot him a tweet @iainkidd. You can also drop your question off on our Facebook fan page:

The latest installment of the Master Debater series is here. The topic du jour:

-If Carlos Condit should get an immediate rematch

The hosts discuss a variety of topics from the most current news stories from the MMA community. Topics include:

-Reflection on UFC 195
-Favorite moments from the card
-The new EA UFC 2 trailer
-Cerrone moving up to 170
-The underperformance of UFC 195 at the live gate and poor PPV numbers
-Koscheck's latest injury and subsequent delay of Bellator debut
-Titan FC's possible money issues and odd cancellation of their last event
-Rizin's debut event
-The beginning of the 2016 picks/predictions host tourney (Iain is already in 96th place)

You can check out the show here or via the embedded player below. Remember, if you're looking for us on SoundCloud or iTunes, we're under the MMA Nation name. Follow our Twitter accounts: Stephie HaynesThree Amigos PodcastIain Kidd and Mookie Alexander or our Facebook fan page, Three Amigos Podcast.