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Russian Minister of Sport lobbying for Fedor to fight in Russia

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The Russian Minister of Sports, Vitaly Mutko, showed interest in having the ‘Last Emperor’ return to Russia to complete his career there.

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During the final day of 2015, Fedor Emelianenko returned from a three-and-a-half year absence from MMA to annihilate his overmatched opponent in a little over three minutes. His win was such an emphatic one that it commanded the attention of the Minister of Sports in Russia, Vitaly Mutko.

"I'm very happy for all of us and I am glad that Fedor returned brilliantly," Mutko told (via F-Sports). "I hope this is only the beginning of such a serious return. I personally congratulate the team for their quiet confidence. Up ahead, [Fedor] still has a lot of interesting fights."

Mutko added that he would lobby for Fedor's next few fights to take place in his Russian homeland instead of Japan.

"We will always support him if he wants to hold the next fight in Russia. The main thing is that he has the desire to compete."

While Fedor will likely fight in Japan once more in April once he completes his negotiations with Rizin CEO Sakakibara, he expressed interest in a return to Russia soon afterwards.

"I really want to fight in Russia," Fedor said at the post-fight press conference. "But we can not make plans since we must also consider which promotion it is possible to do this."