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UFC on FOX 18 Workouts: Northcutt flips, Barnett pro-wrestles, Rothwell dances

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Watch the UFC on FOX 18 fighters put on a show for the media.

Several fighters were on hand for the UFC on FOX 18 open workouts, with a handful of them putting on a different show from what MMA fans are used to. Watch the clip above as Josh Barnett put on a pro-wrestling match, Sage Northcutt did fancy flips and kicks, and Ben Rothwell, uhm... danced?

"At UFC on FOX 18 open workouts, the top UFC on FOX 18 stars put on quite a show for the fans at the UFC gym on Thursday."

Check below for a longer clip of Northcutt's workout.

"At UFC on FOX 18 workouts, Sage Northcutt put on a show again in front of the fans on Thursday afternoon."