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Fabricio Werdum encouraged Rafael dos Anjos to 'throw a bottle' at Conor McGregor

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The UFC lightweight champion says, he isn't fazed by Conor McGregor's insults -- unlike his teammate Fabricio Werdum.

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At the UFC 197 press conference last week, UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor pulled out all the stops to get into the head of 155-pound titleholder Rafael dos Anjos, who he will meet in a superfight on March 5. From predicting that he will "dust" the Brazilian in less than a minute, to referencing Jesus and even dos Anjos' family, McGregor didn't flinch as he lashed out one verbal jab after another.

Did the Irish superstar cross a line? Dos Anjos certainly thinks so, as he explained at a media event in Rio.

"He crosses the line all the time," dos Anjos said. "He answered questions the media asked me, talked about my kids, said I'm not a Brazilian. Man, all the time. He said I'm sloppy. He crosses the line all the time.

"That bothered me, but I knew he would bring those weapons. I was ready for that," he continued. "Talk about my wife, my kids, Jesus, my team. What can I do? He's a lunatic. I will answer him on March 5. (Fabricio) Werdum called me saying ‘my friend, go get him, throw something at him, a bottle'. But that's not my style. I will answer him when the time comes. On March 5, I will be the one doing the talk."

McGregor is experienced at playing mind games and has thrown world-class fighters like Chad Mendes or Jose Aldo off their game in the past. But he won't be able to do the same to Dos Anjos, says the stoic Brazilian.

"Nate Diaz pushed me at the weigh-in, but I fight ever better when my opponents make it personal. I will dominate him," dos Anjos said. "I know this guy won't make history over me. I'm super confident I will beat him up."

Dos Anjos and McGregor are set to headline UFC 197 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, NV on March 5.

(Transcription via MMA Fighting)