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Cruz needs 6-8 weeks to recover, wants Urijah next because 'stupid Faber will talk'

Dominick Cruz gives an update on his foot injury, and talks about why he thinks a trilogy against Urijah Faber makes sense.

Dominick Cruz recently beat T.J. Dillashaw which made for one of the most spectacular comeback stories in MMA. He has already stated that he wants more money and get his 5-year-old UFC contract updated, and now he says he wants his title defense to have as much eyeballs as possible.

Unlike his previous opponent in Dillashaw, Cruz wants someone who can hype the fight and talk back at him. With almost a decade of beefing with Urijah Faber, Cruz says this makes the trilogy the most logical option at bantamweight.

"Just talk! Tell me why you're going to beat me. I want that guy," Cruz told UFC Tonight about who he wants next. "You know who's that guy? Stupid Faber. Stupid Faber will talk. The guy has never shuts his mouth, because he has an excuse for everything he's lost in his entire life."

"He will continue to have excuses even when he's sleeping. I mean, he was getting slept by Renan Barao with his thumb up. Who does that?" Cruz said. "Why? So he can have an excuse after Herb Dean stops the fight, and say 'oh I have my thumb up! I wasn't knocked out.'"

"Keeping your thumb up keeps you from being knocked out, Faber? Really? Cmon. Excuses, that's what he is."

Cruz, who aggravated a previous foot injury during his title win, is currently walking around in a boot. According to him, the injury isn't going to take him out that long.

"I have a partial tear on my plantar fascia," Cruz explained during an appearance at the Jay and Dan podcast. "Quarterbacks get that a lot, because they plant their feet before they fire off that football. Runners get it because they're always on their feet. I get it because I do tons and tons and tons of footwork drills to get my movement when I need it to be, and because of that, there's a lot of wear and tear on my heel."

"It will heal quickly. There's no surgery. There's just limited rehab that I've got to do," he explained. "I'm in a boot just to keep it from moving... Once the fibers connect after 2-3 weeks in this boot, and a little bit of rehab, I should be back."

"I want to fight as much as I can. Just let me get through this 6-8 weeks, which is nothing compared to what I've been through. I'm super ecstatic that I have no injuries after this fight. My body feels great, other than my foot, and that's nothing to me."

Cruz's last win made for the second highest rated UFC event ever for Fox Sports 1.