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Condit restates retirement plans: My concern is my long-term neurological health

"The Natural Born Killer" is not looking to stay in the fight game too long.

Former interim welterweight champion Carlos Condit began his professional mixed martial arts career in 2002, at the age of 18.

Now 31, "The Natural Born Killer" has gone through wars against the toughest opponents along the way. His most recent bout was a barnburner of a title fight at UFC 195, against champion Robbie Lawler.

It was an all-out stand-up battle that could have gone either way. Unfortunately for him, the razor-thin split decision verdict went in favor of Lawler.

Right after the fight, Condit dropped hints about possibly retiring sooner than later. Apparently, it is a thought that still lingers in his mind, almost a month after the Lawler fight.

"I still feel great. I think my concern is the long-term neurological stuff," Condit said in his recent appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. "You see me fight, I don’t go in there and not take damage. I f***ing take damage."

"I take punishment. I’ll take two to give one, and that’s just kind of my style."

Condit may not have been specific about his retirement plans, but for now, he remains adamant about taking care of what he feels is unfinished business with Lawler.

"I’d like another shot at Robbie. I felt like I won the fight, and like you said, it’s a razor close decision. Could’ve gone either way. MMA judging is subjective."

"I’d like another shot at Robbie," Condit reiterated. "I feel like I should have the belt right now."