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UFC 195 Embedded video, part 5 - 'Not my fault if I'm buck naked'

The final episode of the UFC 195 Embedded series takes a look at the main players from the event as they lead up to the weigh-ins.

UFC 195 is upon us, and the promotion has put out their usual series of Embedded videos to give fans an inside look at the run-up to the Vegas show. This fifth and final episode takes a look at the two headliners, UFC welterweight champion Robbie Lawler and challenger Carlos Condit, along with featherweights Joe Duffy and Dustin Poirier. It also features the heavyweights, Andrei Arlovski and Stipe Miocic, along with a certain UFC Hall of Famer. Here's a brief rundown of the episode.

  • Lawler checks out a golf simulator to get fitted for clubs.
  • Poirier does a radio show and says he'd like another shot at Conor McGregor, before talking a bit about Duffy.
  • Duffy plays cards with his parents.
  • Condit talks about his good weight cut before heading out for Ultimate Media Day.
  • They show the humorous faceoff between Miocic and Arlovski.
  • Lawler says he's get the win. "Knockout."
  • UFC Hall of Famer Matt Hughes talks about working with Lawler, and uses the word practice more than Allen Iverson.
  • Miocic celebrates New Years with his fiancee and a group of people at a restaurant.
  • Condit says he hasn't got his Reebok underwear yet, so he might be naked at the weigh-ins.
  • Apparently he received them, because he was wearing them. They show the champ and Condit weighing in to end the video.