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FOX Sports suspends UFC analyst Kenny Florian following plagiarism controversy

After plagiarism accusations arose on Thursday, UFC analyst Kenny Florian has been suspended effective immediately by FOX Sports.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Controversy ensued on Thursday over UFC analyst Kenny Florian's technical breakdown of Sunday's UFC Boston main event between T.J. Dillashaw and Dominick Cruz. The article was published on FOX Sports, but significant portions of the piece were virtually identical to that of Lee Wylie's video breakdown of legendary boxer Willie Pep, which caught the attention of Wylie.

Here are some of the clearest plagiarism examples, as spotted and highlighted by Twitter user The Naked Gambler:

Florian issued an apology to Wylie and a clarification of the issue on Friday, citing an "oversight" in referencing Wylie's work without attributing proper credit in the article.

Prior to the above statement, Florian said only Wylie should be upset over this situation, which he would explain in detail on his podcast on Tuesday.

FOX Sports added this editorial note:

(Editor's Note: Language in this breakdown borrows from written material in a video of an in-depth look at the defensive boxing prowess of Willie Pep by boxing analyst Lee Wylie. The original version of this story did not contain this credit. We regret the oversight.)

Today, FOX Sports removed the entire article and the PR team announced Florian's suspension for his "critical oversight."

It is vitally important that FOX Sports and maintain credibility and trust with their readers, viewers and fans. FOX UFC on-air personality Kenny Florian is being suspended beginning immediately for a critical oversight in a story posted earlier this week on Florian has admitted and regrets his mistake and apologized for the error.

Florian was scheduled to be on FOX Sports 1's coverage for UFC Fight Night: Dillashaw vs. Cruz on Sunday, but obviously now that's out of the equation. There's no word on  the length of Florian's suspension.

For the record, Wylie accepted Florian's apology.