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Fedor on next fight: Everything will be made clear in February

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Russian heavyweight Fedor Emelianenko revealed that his next fight will be announce in February.

Esther Lin/Strikeforce

Despite an earlier announcement that Fedor Emelianenko will return to the ring at Rizin's next show in April, the promotional brass has since confirmed that that would not be the case.

A few days removed from Orthodox Christmas celebrations, Fedor told that he is currently in negotiations with the Japanese promotion and is satisfied with what he has taken part in so far.

"We are pleased that the first tournament of the new promotion RIZIN was at a high level. Japanese organizers held a show as good, and in some aspects even better, than PRIDE. They began to work with other sports organizations and were able to make a really interesting tournament with versatile fighters. It is also able to recreate this unique atmosphere -- to get the audience in the hall and not leave a single empty seat, although fighting has begun in working hours."

Shortly following his TKO victory against Jaideep Singh on New Year's Eve, several fighters opted to challenge the legendary fighter for his second outing. Amongst those fighters were Muhammed Lawal and Shawn Jordan. Walderlei Silva's eventual release from the UFC added another layer to the upcoming situation.

However, despite numerous options, fans will have to wait until next month for a firm answer.

"There is no information in my next fight. I think in February, everything will be known. Now the main thing is to rest, recover and pay attention to the family."