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Matt Mitrione barefoot during UFC media day, not allowed to wear Jordan shoes

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Matt Mitrione wasn't allowed to wear non-Reebok sneakers during UFC media day.

Matt Mitrione came to the UFC media day venue wearing Jordan shoes, and ended up conducting interviews barefoot. Competing brands aren't allowed on the UFC's new Athlete Outfitting Policy, and apparently his non-Reebok sneakers had to go.

"(My shoes) are outside," Mitrione explained to MMA Fighting. "I had some J's on my feet, and that was not part of the attire. So I came in barefooted."

"Not necessarily," he said about knowing this would happen. "I thought it was possible that it's considered 'dressed up'. From where I'm from, that is considered dressed up. J's are dressed up, you know? It's also the reason why I had to wear something above my polo. There's just certain stipulations and rules now."

The UFC's previous event saw them fine 3 fighters, and warn 12 more for violating this policy. This includes Dos Anjos, who took a hefty $10,000 fine for wearing an outside sponsor.

Watch the full interview above, where Mitrione also talks about fighting out the last bout on his current UFC deal.