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Rafael dos Anjos fined $10,000 for Reebok violation (Updated)

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UFC lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos violated the UFC's 'outfitting policy' and was fined for it.

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

The UFC lightweight champion has been revealed as the third fighter to be fined by the UFC for a violation of their outfitting policy. The company's deal with Reebok only allowed their licensed gear to be worn at company events, and Rafael dos Anjos didn't adhere to that.

The violation? Wearing a Team Evolve shirt at the UFC on Fox  17 weigh-in. Dos Anjos was fined a "significant amount" due to the violation according to MMA Fighting. He was set to make $40,000 from the Reebok deal as a champion.

He joins Donald Cerrone and Nate Diaz, who were both also fined for violations around UFC on Fox 17. Diaz didn't wear the proper attire at the weigh-ins, and Cerrone added a patch to his shorts.

Twelve other fighters have also been warned about potential outfitting policy breaches.

Dos Anjos defeated Cerrone in just 66 seconds in the main event of that December 19th show, and will now face Conor McGregor in a superfight at UFC 197.

UPDATE: MMA Fighting's David St. Martin tweets that RDA was fined $10,000.