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Fedor currently in negotiations with Rizin, won’t return in April

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Rizin Fighting Federation revealed that Fedor Emelianenko would not compete on the April 17 show in Nagoya City.

Tomokazu Tazawa/Getty Images

Despite Fedor's interest in an April return, Rizin Fighting Federation has other plans for the ‘Last Emperor.'

According to ESPN's Brett Okamoto, Rizin is currently in negotiations with Fedor for a second fight with the promotion, which will likely take place during the summer.

"We don't talk publicly about contract negotiations, but Fedor will continue to fight for Rizin," Rizin Vice-President Jerry Millen said. "He won't fight in April, but we have a couple cool things Fedor could be involved in. It could go one of two ways, but fans won't be disappointed."

Shortly following his three-minute TKO victory against Jaideep Singh, Fedor revealed that four months was more than enough time for him to rest, recuperate, and prepare for another fight.

"The next fight is scheduled for April," Emelianenko told "In my opinion, it will be here in Japan, in cooperation with the company Rizin. Just know that the company is planning a tournament next August and is in talks with Bellator and other organizations. There is another chance of a joint project. For me it would be convenient to enter the ring in April -- four months to relax a bit and with new fteam before preparing for the next battle."

Rizin's next show is scheduled to take place on April 17 in Nagoya City.