Rankings From a Consumer: LiteweightFkTheWorld MMA Lightweight rankings.

So basically 155 is my favorite division and the only one I can put time into ranking. Enough to be able to stand by my rankings that is. Feel free to tell me how wrong you think I am,

There are different tiers and the tiers can be murky, but this is what I came up with.

Brooks, Chandler, and Gaethje, Thomson, and Aoki, are the Non-UFC fighters making the list this time. Benson may move out of the next rankings without activity.

Khabib due to inactivity and Gil due to suspension are still ineligible. Green, Jury, Masvidal, Khabilov, and Pearson have dropped. Tibau failed a test. One year is the timeline for both activity and suspensions unless otherwise noted.

LF = Last Fight

UF = Upcoming Fight

UR = Unranked


1. RDA (1) 25-7 (LF 12-19-15) RDA is on 5 fight streak. Last loss 4-19-14 to Khabib, wins

over Don C x2, Pettis, Dunham, Diaz, Bendo last 3 yrs.)

2. Pettis (2) 18-3 (UF 1-17-16) Pettis is the last 155 lb. champ. Wins over Don C, Ben H, and Gil in last 3 years.

3. Cerrone (3) 28-7-1 (LF 12-19-14) Cerrone's last 2 losses 12-19-15 and 8-28-13 to RDA. Wins over Alvarez, Barboza, Dunham, Miller, Noons last 3 years.

4. Brooks (4) 17-1 (LF 11-6-15) Brooks is current Bellator Champ 8 fight streak. Wins over Held, Jansen, Chandler x2, Awad, and Alessio in last 3 years. Only loss to Awad.

5. Alvarez (5) 26-4 (UF 1-17-16) 5. Alvarez has wins over Gil and Chandler in last 3 years. Wins over Aoki, Huerta, Neer, Kikuno, Imada, Kawajiri, and Hansen. Has top 5 history)

6. Ferguson (7) 20-3 (LF 12-11-15) 7. Ferguson is on a 7 fight streak, last loss 5-5-12 to Johnson. Wins over Barboza, Thomson, Tibau, Trujillo, Castillo, Kikuno and Rio in last 3 years.

7. Henderson (6) 23-5 (LF a win 11-28-15 at WW) Henderson, last LW fight 1-18-2015, 2nd to last defending champ. Back to back LW losses to Cerrone and RDA. Wins over Gilbert, Thomson, and Khabilov in last 3 years. Wins over Diaz, Edgar x2, Guida, Miller, Bocek, Cerrone X2, Varner, and Roller.

8. Diaz (UR) 18-10 (LF a win 12-19-15 vs Johnson) Wins over Johnson and Maynard in last 3 years, Another win over Maynard, plus Miller, Cerrone, Gomi, Guillard. Last 3 LW losses to RDA, Thomson, and Henderson.

9. Dariush (8) 12-1 (LF a win 8-8-15 vs Johnson) Dariush is on a 5 fight streak, last loss to Ramsey Nijem 4-11-14, wins over Johnson, Miller, Cruikshank, Ferreira. Martin, Brenneman.

10. Chandler (9) 14-3 (LF a win 11-6-15 vs Rickels) Chandler is on 2 fight streak vs unranked opponents, wins over Alvarez, Hawn, Gono, Held. Loss to Alvarez. 1 close fight and 1 clear loss with Brooks) Only Losses to Brooks and Alvarez.

11. Iaquinta (14) 12-3-1 (LF a win 4-4-15 vs Masvidal) Iaquinta last fight a controversial win over Masvidal 4-4-15, wins over Lauzon, Pearson, Damm, Lee, Couture.

12. Johnson (10) 16-10 (LF a loss 12-19-15 vs Diaz ) Johnson has lost last 2 back to back to Diaz and a controversial loss to Dariush 8-8-15, wins over Barboza, Guillard, Tibau, Ferguson, Lauzon)

13. Barboza (11) 16-4 (LF a loss 12-11-15 vs. Ferguson) Barbosa lost last 2 to Ferguson and Johnson, wins over Felder, Green, Dunham)

14. Dunham (UR) 17-6 (LF a win 12-11-15 vs J. Lauzon) 3 fight streak over Lauzon, Pearson, Damm. Last 3 losses to Barboza, Cerrone, and RDA. Wins over Tibau, Lentz, Bailey, Griffin, Escudero, Aurelio.

15. Gaethje (19) 15-0 (UF 3-12-16 vs Foster) 19. Gaethje (15-0 on a 4+ yr. career. Biggest win over Guillard. Wins over Fickett, Palomino X2, Brian Cobb, JZ Calvacante, Dan Lauzon, Nick Newell)

16. Chiesa (UR) 13-2 (LF a win 12-10-15 vs Miller) 2 fight streak. Wins over Miller, Clarke, Trinaldo, and Iaquinta.

17. Thomson (20) 22-8-1 (LF 12-4-15 vs Villaseca) Thomson is on a 2 fight streak vs unranked fighters, losses to Ferguson, Green and Bendo (controversial) in last 3 UFC. Biggest wins in last 5 years are Diaz and Noons.

18. Aoki (UR) 39-6-1 (Last LW fight 5-33-25 vs Ando) Current ONE 155 Champ. 7 fight LW streak. Last 2 losses to Alvarez and Melendez. Wins over Shalorus, McKee, Clementi, Aurelio, Kawajiri, Hirota, Hansen, Riberio, Alvarez, Uno, and JZ. Top ten history.

19. Magomedov (UR) 20-1 (LF 11-7-25 vs. Burns) 12 fight streak, 4 ufc. Wins over Burns, Damm, and Silverio.

20. Poirier (UR) 19-4 (LF 1-2-16 vs Duffy) 3 fight LW streak. Wins over Duffy, Medeiros, and Ferreira.

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