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Dana White explains 'moose' Fertitta's belt slam during McGregor's UFC 194 KO

UFC president Dana White is dropping some knowledge over one of the odder occurrences at UFC 194.

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

If you were paying careful attention at UFC 194 (and maybe once you'd gotten over the shock of Connor McGregor's stellar KO of Jose Aldo and had played it back a few times), you may have noticed a strange moment in the background just after McGregor landed his stunning counter left that put the champion face down on the mat. Just as John McCarthy finishes separating the two fighters and before Conor McGregor even gets a chance to celebrate his win, Frank Fertitta stood up from his cageside seat and slammed the featherweight belt down on the table in front of him, hard.

It seemed like an especially odd gesture considering that Conor McGregor is reportedly on pretty good terms with the Fertittas. Nonetheless, it started the rumor mill swirling as fans and pundits tried to guess the meaning behind the gesture. Was the UFC worried that McGregor was going to be impossible to work with as a champion? Did Fertitta have money riding on Jose Aldo?

In a recent interview with the Boston Herald (h/t MMAMania) UFC president Dana White set the record straight. According to him, Frank Fertitta is just a guy that likes to throw stuff when he's excited:

"Frank Fertitta is a (expletive) moose, OK? He'll flip tables over and everything else," White said. "It wasn't anything negative or positive. It was just his reaction to Jose Aldo getting knocked out in one punch, you know?"

Of course, this just means that fans have to keep a close eye out in the future to see what objects the Zuffa founder sends flying the next time we see a shocking upset in the Octagon.