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Nate Diaz reacts to UFC fine: Those were Reebok jeans!

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Nate Diaz was fined by the UFC for not wearing the proper Reebok attire during the weigh ins, here's how he reacted.

Esther Lin

The UFC has fined 3 fighters, and warned 12 more from their last Fox event for violating their Athlete Outfitting Policy. Donald Cerrone was first to confirm that he was one of those three, and he was deducted pay for stitching a small piece of his old Muay Thai trunks to his Reebok gear as a part of his tradition that honors family.

Nate Diaz was the 2nd to confirm, as he unsurprisingly went public about being fined for wearing jeans during the weigh-ins.

UFC middleweight Josh Samman was on the same fight card, and he also mentioned details of the Diaz situation on his fight week diary. Here's a snippet:

Reebok guy rushes back up to me, and asks if he can borrow my pants that I just wore, for another fighter who also has jeans on at weigh ins. I don't mind, and hand him my pants.

I ask him who the fighter is. He says Diaz. I have a feeling I know how this is going to end. He comes back a couple minutes later and gives me my pants back, as Diaz walks on stage with jeans.