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T.J. Dillashaw: Dominick Cruz uses his movement to 'run away and throw one shot'

The UFC bantamweight champion fires back at Dominick Cruz and questions his style of fighting.

The next big bantamweight title fight could be a clash of generations, with reigning champion T.J. Dillashaw potentially facing former titleholder Dominick Cruz. Nothing is set in stone yet, but both men are doing their very best to already hype the matchup as they are constantly handing out verbal jabs at each other.

On the latest episode of the MMA Hour, Dillashaw talks about his Cruz's lack of aggressiveness in his fighting style and the famed footwork that he allegedly imitates.

"For one, he switches stances to run away and throw one shot," Dillashaw said (via MMA Fighting). "I've never even seen him throw a combo or look that great from the opposite stance. You know? I think I'm leaps and bounds ahead of him on my standup. I think I'm going to prove it, when we fight he's going to get knocked out."

Cruz is still recovering from a torn ACL. Multiple knee injuries have kept the former bantamweight titlist from competing for the most part of the last four years. Should he be ready to return to the cage in the foreseeable future, a fight versus Dillashaw would be a marquee matchup that the champion would gladly accept.

"Cruz has got a crazy style. But I think I'm going to finish him quicker than I finished Barão," Dillashaw said. "For me to come and beat him the way I'm going to it's going to do wonders for my name. I'm really going to put a stamp on my career by beating Cruz."

T.J. Dillashaw won the belt against Renan Barão in one of the biggest upsets in UFC history and has defended it twice since. His last victory was another dominant performance over Barão, at UFC on FOX 16 in July.

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