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Daniel Cormier mocks Alexander Gustafsson, wants Jon Jones back

The UFC light-heavyweight champion wants to "stop playing around" with other fighters and face his biggest foe again.

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

UFC light-heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier and his predecessor Jon Jones are anything but good friends. The build-up to their title fight at UFC 182 has been one of the most hate-filled in UFC history, including death threats and a press-conference brawl. Now that Jones is gone though, Cormier wishes for his greatest foe to return.

"Obviously, I need [Jones]," Cormier said Friday at the Go Big press conference (via MMA Fighting). "As I move forward, in this fight in October and I face Alexander [Gustafsson], I need that guy. I need that guy to get back in here and fight me again. For my journey to be complete and for me to be complete as I finish this sport, I need him. And honestly, I wish him all the best so that he can actually get back and I can stop playing around with these guys and get back to business."

When Jones got stripped of the UFC title, Cormier jumped in to face and beat number 1 contender Anthony Johnson at UFC 187 in May. Now he is right on the verge of defending his belt for the first time against Alexander Gustafsson at UFC 192 in October. He's a man that almost defeated Jones two years ago, and while some felt he won, that shouldn't be understood as a feather in his cap, says Cormier.

"If I was Alexander Gustafsson, honestly, I would probably be a little upset at you guys, because you always talk about how close he fought Jon Jones," Cormier said sarcastically. "What about his Earth-shattering win over Jimi Manuwa or his, uhh, monumental win that was ... do you know? I mean really, somebody else. You guys talk about a fight that he lost. He lost. Let's stop talking about the fight that he lost and talk about something that this guy has done positive. And when you look at it that way, you guys know exactly what's going to happen on Oct. 3. He's going to lose to me.

"When you look at it objectively and not because he fought a guy closer than I fought him, you realize what's going to happen on Oct. 3. Out of respect for Alexander, please talk about some of these Earth-shattering wins that he has over the course of his career."

Daniel Cormier will face Alexander Gustafsson October 3 at UFC 192 in Houston, Texas.