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Faber vs. Dillashaw? Urijah says if TJ asks for the fight, 'I would do it'

Will Faber vs. Dillashaw ever happen? Urijah says if TJ thought the match up would be a good opportunity, he would do it.

T.J. Dillashaw and Urijah Faber stand at the top of the UFC bantamweight division, but will the two teammates ever fight each other? The Team Alpha Male founder was asked about it and he says while he's still wants a UFC belt, he's not really targeting that match up.

"You never know what happens. I myself am not gunning for that fight. I'm always gunning for a title and I don't have a lot of time left on this sport," said the 36-year-old former WEC champion. "It's not the fight I'm looking for, but you never know where the chips may lie and what will happen."

With all the big fights he has been in through the years, Faber believes that even without the title, he's still the most popular and marketable guy in the division. While he's currently trying to get other marquee match ups on two divisions, he didn't completely shut the door on a bout against Dillashaw.

"I think there are some other big fights as well. We still haven't seen TJ really blow up yet," he said. "I know people talk about fights for the belt that are huge, but there have been fights for the belt that no one really cares about. It takes the right two people to tango to make it really count."

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"I believe in TJ. I think he has the ability to be someone that stands out in the weight class, but it does take time. Until that time, it's still me at the weight class," he said. "And that's something I always told TJ. If he ever thought (a fight between us) would be a best opportunity for him whether it be monetarily or exposure-wise, if he wanted to ask for that fight, I would do it."

"But that's about the only way it would happen."

TJ facing Faber would certainly draw more than facing an unranked late replacement or another one-sided rematch. Dillashaw also already spends time away from Team Alpha Male to train with Duane Ludwig, and with the former TAM head coach's beef with Urijah, there would certainly be enough talking points during the lead up to a potential title fight as well.

Dillashaw has already gone on record to say that Ludwig is the best coach in the world while Team Alpha Male has the best training partners. He's still able to balance the two sides, but will drawing or earning more be enough motivation for him to possibly risk that?

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