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White to McGregor: You're talking sh*t to everybody and your zipper is down

Apparently Dana White didn't scold Conor McGregor during the UFC press conference, he just told him his zipper was down.

During the UFC's "Go Big" press-conference that featured the promotion's biggest stars, Conor McGregor took the mic and started talking smack about several stars and champions from different divisions. He went off on Donald Cerrone, Rafael Dos Anjos and Jose Aldo among others, but then Dana White came over and whispered something to McGregor.

While many assumed it was the UFC president scolding McGregor about something he said during the lengthy rant, it was apparently far from it. White revealed what it was during the UFC 191 post-fight press conference.

"I told him that his zipper was down," White explains. "That's it. Everybody thought that I was trying to calm him down, but his zipper was down. He was jumping up, talking shit to every body and his zipper was down"

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So there you have it, conspiracy theorists. It's just a zipper. That's what you get for jumping to conclusions.

Watch the video above to see White explaining the situation, along with the somewhat funny clip of how McGregor reacted after being told that his fly was undone.

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