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UFC 191 results: Demetrious Johnson dismantles John Dodson

Demetrious "Mighty Mouse" Johnson used speed and skill to take apart bitter rival John Dodson in the UFC 191 main event.

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Demetrious "Mighty Mouse" Johnson emphatically established himself as the best flyweight of his era with a unanimous decision win over John Dodson at UFC 191: Johnson vs. Dodson. After thoroughly dismantling Dodson to defend his title for the seventh straight time, Johnson staked a claim to be among the best martial artists of our era.

Mighty Mouse came into UFC 191 as the only flyweight champ in the promotion's history. Since taking the title in an open title bout with Joseph Benavidez, he's defended the title six times. His first defense came against Dodson in January, 2013 and despite winning a unanimous decision victory, he has had to hear about Dodson ever since. That's because the two hard punches Dodson managed to land on him were the only moments of vulnerability Johnson has shown in his title reign.

They came out a little slow for this most hyperactive of divisions. Both men were feeling out their opponent but Johnson quickly made it clear he would be the one to establish the pace. Controlling the cage center and mixing up strikes with take down attempts kept Dodson backing up.

Johnson came out moving brilliantly in the second, keeping Dodson off balance and landing punches and kicks. Dodson briefly took Johnson down in a surprise move. Dodson then tagged Johnson with a fade-away counter before tossing him with a whizzer. Johnson managed to prevent Dodson from building any momentum off those successes with keen footwork and adept phase shifting. A mean lead right hand was Johnson's go to offense. But Dodson surprised by throwing Johnson down from a clinch.

Johnson shot in early in the third, pinned Dodson to the cage and peppered him with sharp right hands. When they returned to center cage, Johnson continued to land the jab at will. When Dodson kicked, Johnson caught his leg, backed him up against the cage and continued to work him over, now adding hard elbows to the mix. A 1-2 followed by a high kick staggered Dodson. When a Dodson kick landed below the belt, Ref Herb Dean stepped in to pause the action and Johnson waved him off saying "No, no, get out of the way" in his eagerness to continue beating up his man.

Then Johnson caught another kick, forced Dodson back into the cage, battered his pinned foe before finally getting the take down. Dodson got back up quickly and even briefly threatened to take Johnson down but it was only a matter of seconds before Johnson was all over him again.

In the fourth Dodson was considerably slowed, but still game. Johnson continued to dominate with great footwork and sharp punches but Dodson continued to show some spark with some impressive take down attempts. Johnson caught him with a sharp left hook on the break and then drove him back across the cage with combinations. Dodson was clearly tired, breathing from his mouth and wearing a bruised face.

The fifth round was more of the same. Johnson dominated position and backed Dodson into the cage with sharp jabs and crisp footwork. Johnson even picked up and slammed Dodson late in the round to put a cherry on top.

UFC 191 results: Flyweight Demetrious Johnson def. John Dodson via unanimous decision (50-45, 49-26x2).

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