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Highlights: Paige VanZant submits Alex Chambers at UFC 191

Check out the highlights for the UFC 191 feature fight between Paige VanZant and Alex Chambers.

Rising strawweight star Paige VanZant kicked off the UFC 191 PPV broadcast on Saturday night with an exciting battle against Alex Chambers.

Check out the play-by-play below:

R2: VanZant lands some clean knees from the Thai plum and continues to swarm Chambers with aggression. Chambers defends well but can't get off the fence. Another hard body knee from VanZant before they separate but she's back on Chambers immediately, heaving knees from the double collar tie. They break and VanZant just whizzes more punches at Chambers en route to locking up a clinch.

VanZant is perma-adhered to Chambers and drenching her with knees and elbows -- contrasting the first round, VanZant's shots are getting through and Chambers is relegated to 100% defense. VanZant's pace and output is truly astounding as no signs of offense are present from Chambers. VanZant clocks Chambers with a knee and a right hand, dropping her to a knee. A trio of lefts to the head from VanZant before she hits a hip throw. VanZant under-hooks Chambers' far-side arm and unloads a volley of unhindered punches. 10-8 VanZant.

R3: VanZant explodes out of her corner and pounces on Chambers with punches, then locks up a clinch. They separate and VanZant buries Chambers under a hail of leather, then takes her down easily. VanZant passes to mount, punching incessantly, then brilliantly transitions to an armbar and straightens it out, forcing the tapout.

Paige VanZant defeats Alex Chambers by submission (armbar) R3 1:01