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UFC 191 Video: Watch Lineker and Rivera put on the craziest brawl ever

Watch John Lineker vs. Francisco Rivera put on the craziest brawl ever seen in the division.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

It was already built up as a promising match featuring heavy hitting bantamweights, but John Lineker and Francisco Rivera blew any and all of those expectations away. In what was probably the craziest brawl ever in the lighter weights, both men just kept on throwing fast bombs at each other. Watch the clip below:

To describe the intense sequence of events, here's a snippet from our live blog:

R1: Lineker gets tagged by a right-hand counter from Rivera off his back foot. Rivera's length advantage is apparent in the early exchanges. Lineker lowers his head and barges into range with both fists flying, and the pair plant their feet and unload the cannons for a good 10-15 seconds straight. Lineker finds the mark first as Rivera goes down to a knee.

Perpetuating the sheer chaos, Rivera gets back up and heaves haymakers with both hands, and they both resume the berserk combat. Lineker wisely preys on Rivera's lowered head by snatching up a guillotine and falling back to wrench it. Rivera taps.

John Lineker defeats Francisco Rivera by submission (guillotine choke) R1 2:08

Can we please scrap Faber vs. Saenz and just put Lineker vs Urijah next?

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