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Urijah Faber on Dana White: 'He's like Donald Trump'

'The California Kid' compares Dana White to aspiring president, Donald Trump.

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Donald Trump has made a splash not just in politics, but also in the MMA sphere. The controversial businessman and tv personality was first brought up in conversation on CNN with Conor McGregor in July, and Chael Sonnen had nothing but compliments for the Republican in an interview last month.

Urijah Faber is the latest fighter to chime in on the aspiring president, and 'The California Kid' compared him to his boss, Dana White.

"Dana White's awesome. He's an emotional guy, but I feel like he's a good guy," Faber said on The Jay and Dan Podcast. "He's an emotional guy. He's like Donald Trump. He says whatever the hell he wants."

The UFC president, similar to Trump, is known for his straight talking approach and has been the subject of controversy over the years due to his outlandish behaviour.

White launched a series of insults at random MMA fans on Twitter in July after the UFC received backlash for releasing long-time cut man, Jacob 'Stitch' Duran.

Trump, who is known for hosting the hit tv show 'The Apprentice', has flooded the headlines since the 69-year-old announced his 2016 presidential election campaign in June.

In a recent poll conducted by SurveyUSA, statistics revealed that the real estate developer leads Hilary Clinton by 5 percent.

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