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The MMA Prospectus: UFC 191, TUF stuff, Northcutt, & more

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Zane Simon and T.P. Grant are back to talk about everything in MMA talent development including Paul Felder, Paige VanZant, Jessica Andrade, Corey Anderson. As well as recaps of the last UFC event, a look at some TUF guys and a new promising talent in the promotion.

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It's time for another masterfully executed episode of the MMA Prospectus. This week we've got just a few fighters on the rise to talk about, but with a new TUF team just around the corner, some interesting signings, and a lot of happenings at the last UFC featuring Holloway vs. Oliveira, there's plenty to keep everyone busy. Most notably we're talking Paul Felder, Paige VanZant, and Corey Anderson for UFC 191. We're also talking a bit about recent signing Sage Northcutt and about Ryan Hall and Djamil Chan, and James Jenkins. And of course, there's our normal amount of going wherever the fighter takes us, wandering.

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