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ADCC 2015 results recap: Rodolfo Vieira comes out on top against Felipe Pena

Bloody Elbow recaps the results from ADCC 2015 from last weekend in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Here, we look at the under 99kg division which saw Rodolfo Vieira take home gold.

Guilherme Cruz, MMA Fighting

Last weekend, Rodolfo Vieira lived up to the hype that has been surrounding him in recent years and took home gold in the -99KG division. Prior to ADCC, Vieira had won almost all of the major competitions in the world of grappling. At ADCC 2015, Vieira made light work of his opponents before narrowly beating Felipe Pena in a tight final match.

ADCC -99kg
Official results:

1st place:  Rodolfo Vieira

2nd place: Felipe Pena

3rd place: Joao Assis (Xande Ribeiro injured)

What was the high point of the tournament?

This division was really strong. From the outset, all the competitors fought aggressively and pursued the finish at all times. As we got further into the bracket it became apparent that Vieira was on another level. In his match with Xande Ribeiro, Vieira looked extremely strong which was a high point.

Where do the finalists go from here?

Like many of this year's winners, Rodolfo Vieira is planning on taking a fight in the near future. Following his victory in Sao Paulo, Real FC offered Vieira a contract to compete under their banner in 2016. Vieira plans to cut down to 185lbs for a potential MMA career and has been cross-training in striking arts since 2013.

It has been a year of mixed fortunes for Felipe Pena. Pena suffered a career low point recently after a failed drugs test but his performances at ADCC will go some way to boost his morale. Pena is a supremely talented individual, the stars are truly the limit for Felipe Pena.

Watch now, later, or never?

Later. This is worth a watch when you have some time on your hands.

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