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VanZant jokes Garbrandt dumped her, 'because I knocked him out'

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Two of Team Alpha Male's best rising young fighters are no longer an item, but there's no bad blood just a lot of career ambition claims Paige VanZant.

Well for once it's a story about an MMA relationship on the rocks that doesn't include horrific domestic violence allegations to go with it. Paige VanZant spoke to Ariel Helwani recently, in preparation for her upcoming UFC 191 bout with Alex Chambers on Saturday, September 5th. For more complete coverage, check out our UFC 191 Super Group. VanZant talked about her rising public profile, her career path, the straw flawed strawweight rankings, the recent controversy over PED accusations she lobbed at "masculine" fighters in her divisions, and her on-hold relationship with Cody Garbrandt.

"He broke up with me because I knocked him out in training." Vanzant joked when asked about her dating life.

"No, that's not true. We're both focused on our careers, so we put that on the back burner. We're both very determined to be UFC champions, so we're putting that to the side for a while."

VanZant did make it clear, however, that she and Garbrandt are still on good terms and still friends.

"Very very cool." VanZant said of the current relationship between the two. "Still see each other all the time, still training partners, friends, but we both are too focused to make a relationship work."

So there's your daily dose of MMA gossip. UFC 191 takes place this Saturday, September 5th at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada. The card is expected to be headlined by a flyweight title fight between Demetrious Johnson and John Dodson.