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Video: Conor McGregor suggests 'old' Dana White get a Mike Tyson face tattoo

Conor McGregor says Dana White is old and doesn't understand tattoos.

Conor McGregor has had a lot of ink done on the past few months. Most recently, the interim featherweight champion added his name and nickname next to his tiger tattoo. Dana White doesn't seem to be a fan of one of his biggest stars constantly adding body ink, and the interim UFC featherweight star has since responded to the UFC president.

Check out the clip below from Fox Sports' The Buzzer.

"He's old now," McGregor said about White, "He does not understand tattoos I don't think."

When asked what tattoo White should get for himself, McGregor suggested a look made popular by one of Dana's close friends.

"Maybe the Mike Tyson would look pretty good on Dana's big ass head."

McGregor also explained the meaning (or lack thereof) of his chest piece that features a gorilla with a crown, eating a heart.

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