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ADCC 2015 results recap: Davi Ramos wins 77kg division in spectacular style

Bloody Elbow recaps the results from ADCC 2015 from last weekend in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Here, we look at the 77kg division where Davi Ramos won in amazing fashion.

Guilherme Cruz, MMA Fighting

On Sunday afternoon, Davi Ramos put together one of the most impressive performances in the history of the Abu Dhabi Combat Club's Submission Wrestling World Championships. In the 77kg division, Ramos was surrounded by a litany of grappling savants including Garry Tonon, Geo Martinez, and Otavio Sousa. Ramos looked entirely unfazed by the rest of his division as he won in impressive fashion, finishing the finals with an impressive flying armbar victory over Lucas Lepri.

With Ramos impressing and a number of other good matches throughout, this was a pretty solid division this year.

ADCC 77kg
Official results:

1st place: Davi Ramos

2nd place: Lucas Lepri

3rd place: Gilbert Burns

What was the high point of the tournament?

This tournament was all about Davi Ramos. From the opening match, Ramos went all out in the pursuit of the submission and succeeded in getting it in all but one match. The obvious high point of this bracket was Ramos' expertly timed flying arm bar, which he used to submit Lucas Lepri in the final.

Where do the finalists go from here?

Davi Ramos' heart is set firmly on the UFC. Ramos, who has dabbled in the world of MMA in the past, has made it clear that his ultimate goal is a spot on the UFC roster. Ramos' chances of an immediate shot in the UFC are low however, as the Brazilian didn't look great in his last MMA bout, a dropped decision to Dave Rickels. Expect Ramos to fight a couple of times on the regional circuit before we see him in the Octagon.

Lucas Lepri is an absolute beast. While Lepri may have come up short this time around, be under no illusions about Lepri's ability. Lepri is an amazing competitor that was bested by Ramos, who was on blistering form. Lepri will continue to compete at the highest level and it should be expected that he will be in the hunt for medals, once again, at ADCC 2017.

Watch now, later, or never?

Watch now. This division was really exciting.