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Conor McGregor calls TJ Dillashaw a 'snake' that's disloyal to Faber

Conor McGregor says T.J. Dillashaw is a 'snake in the grass', who doesn't have any loyalty to Urijah Faber.

Urijah Faber is currently in an awkward spot in the UFC. With his teammate in T.J. Dillashaw being champion at bantamweight, the long time top contender is stuck in a divisional limbo, jumping weight classes and having trouble getting match ups as of late.

While promoting the upcoming season of The Ultimate Fighter, opposing coach Conor McGregor poked at the seemingly sensitive topic between the two teammates. After alluding to the fact that he's had run-ins with TJ during the filming of TUF, McGregor states that Faber is making a mistake of allowing Dillashaw in as he suspects disloyalty between them.

"He is a twerp. You shouldn't let him into your shit, because he is a snake in the grass and I told you that to your face!" Conor told Urijah (watch the full video here). "You brought him into TUF, thinking he would help you. He was there to help him! He's a snake in the [expletive] grass and you need to figure that out and stop being a [expletive]."

"You shouldn't have brought him in!" McGregor said. "That was your moment to kinda build it up, and you let him come in. It was like he took over your shit. He came in, you brought him up from high school, and you brought him up through this game..."

"No, TJ's my boy," Faber interjected.

"He's not your boy!" McGregor exclaimed. "C'mon, there are no 'boys' in this. He's not your boy."

"He just doesn't like TJ," Faber replied.

"I don't mind him. I just sense disloyalty," McGregor responded. "I sense a snake and I'm going to say that when I see it. It's not like I don't like TJ. He's alright. He's harmless as well, little short ass."

Despite Dana White's assurances they're secretly willing to do so, the top bantamweights in Dillashaw and Faber have both sidestepped the topic of actually competing against each other in public. Did McGregor really see signs of disloyalty? Or is he simply poking at a sensitive topic knowing there could be tension between the two Alpha Males?