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Video: Conor McGregor responds to Joe Rogan calling his UFC belt 'illegitimate'

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Joe Rogan called Conor McGregor's belt 'illegitimate', and the interim featherweight champ has since responded.

Joe Rogan recently went on his podcast and called Conor McGregor's interim featherweight title an 'illegitimate' and 'made up' belt. With the 27-year-old Irishman appearing on Fox Sports, he had a chance to speak out and respond to those statements.

"Really, what is a belt? What is Jose's belt? He was handed the belt when they bought the WEC. He was gifted his belt. He didn't win it from nobody," McGregor retorted. "I mean the belt doesn't mean jack shit. It's the numbers that really mean business. That's what I hold, every number in the damn game."

"As far as belts and stuff, I don't really care about the belt as well. Whatever Joe wants to say, it's fine. If he wants to say it's an illegitimate belt, that's his business," he said. "But December 12, I will unify the belts, move up to lightweight, and win that belt as well."

McGregor will face the long time featherweight champ in Jose Aldo in a couple of months. He says this could very well be his last bout in the division, unless Edgar makes a statement the night before.