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UFC fighters voice displeasure over USADA whereabouts app that 'doesn't work'

UFC fighters Court McGee, Tim Kennedy, Rory MacDonald, and Max Holloway appear to be having difficulty with USADA's "whereabouts" app, one day before tomorrow's deadline for filing.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Tomorrow is an important day for UFC fighters under the new USADA drug testing program. By Wednesday, everyone on the roster has to submit a form to update USADA on their whereabouts at all times due to the new out-of-competition testing rules. Fighters can be subject to random drug tests on any given day 24/7/365 (or 366 next year). Inaccurate info on a whereabouts form -- in other words, you aren't where you say you are -- would result in a failure. Three failures would be the equivalent of a failed drug test, which means a suspension.

This is obviously a very important part of the new policy for everyone involved, and USADA's Twitter account made the last reminder to UFC athletes to get their filings in today.

Unfortunately, several UFC fighters are having a few problems. Court McGee and Tim Kennedy flat out said it didn't work, while Rory MacDonald called it "the most annoying thing in the world." Max Holloway concurred with Rory's sentiments.

Hopefully their problems are resolved soon. On the plus side, fellow UFC fighters Johnny Case and Patrick Cummins signed up earlier this week without issue.

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