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Watch epi. 1 of Dana White's new talent scouting show: 'Looking for a fight'

Dana White, Nick "The Tooth" and Matt Serra are out on the road looking for young MMA stars to bring to the UFC.

A search for more UFC talent that doesn't involve TUF and sending fighters to a house somewhere to fight several times over a couple weeks? Tell me more. Dana White, along with his longtime friend Nick "The Tooth" and Team Serra-Longo gym owner Matt Serra are out on the road looking for up and coming young fighters to sign to the UFC. And they're bringing fans along for their adventures, antics, and ring-side experiences watching regional MMA.

And while I could see some reasonable skepticism that that trio (or really, the non-Matt Serra parts of that trio) might not be the best talent scouts in the world, in terms of picking out super technical fighters, their first episode seems to be a bit of a home run as it shows them bringing in promising young MMA fighter and former championship karateka Sage Northcutt. Northcutt fought Rocky Long at Legacy FC 44 on August 28th. White, Serra, and Mr. "The Tooth" were cageside for the action and impressed enough to get him on a UFC card just over one month later. Check out the inaugural episode of their new show to see the fight.