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Tweets of the Day: Daniel Cormier's nerdy trash talk

Daniel Cormier is set to meet Alexander Gustafsson in the main event of UFC 192 this weekend, and has been sending a few tweets his way of the nerd variety.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Daniel Cormier is generally a pretty classy guy, but has engaged in a war of words with an opponent once or twice before. Everyone remembers his verbal battles with Jon Jones, for instance. Ahead of his title bout with Alexander Gustafsson at UFC 192 this weekend, he's trying something a little different with his trash talk. A video game theme:

Gustafsson couldn't help but respond to that:

Cormier continued the Halo theme with another Tweet later in the day:

I'm not sure if Cormier is getting paid to promote the game, which comes out on October 27th, or if he's just entertaining himself by tying it into his trash talk. The Embedded series for UFC 192 is being "presented by Halo 5" so there's likely a tie in to that. Regardless, it's pretty amusing in a nerdy kind of way.

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