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Mikhail Kolobegov talks Russian MMA brawl and TKO of Dennis Hallman

Russian fighter Mikhail Kolobegov recounts a recent brawl he was thrust into at Pro FC and his victory over Dennis Hallman shortly thereafter.

Elena Katretskaya

Back in March, a brawl ensued following the controversial conclusion to the Pro FC 57 main event between champion Shamil Abdulkhalikov and Mikhail Kolobegov. The altercation was due to a judicial error that turned a three-round title fight with a clear-cut winner into a fourth round elimination, where the initial victor became the victim of a Hail-Mary flying knee knockout.

In other words, the champion had been knocked out in a fight that he had clearly won within the allotted timeframe.

This led to a dramatic scene in Russia, as cornermen scaled the cage following the KO to attack Kolobegov for his alleged insolence.  Angry Russians charged at each other from different sides of the cage as they attempted to release frustrations from the controversial fight.

Kolobegov was not awarded the title for his KO win. Instead, the fight was ruled a no-contest and was subsequently erased from the promotion's highlight reel.

"There were many judicial errors in the fight," Kolobegov told BloodyElbow. "First mistake was a three rounds limit + one more round if the fight will be draw. I think a title fight must be five rounds. After three rounds, the judges' scorecard was a draw. And Shamil's side decided that it was not right. When i knock him out his friends decided to fight with us."

While some may feel shorted following such a tempestuous turn of events, Kolobegov maintained his smile and simply ended his painful night with a McDonalds sandwich. He remains good-humored about the entire confrontation.

"It was crazy and funny."

Kolobegov, 27, may not have been proclaimed champion on that particular occasion, he was able to harness the motivation to make an even bigger statement just a few short months later. On August 29, Kolobegov earned a TKO win against former UFC fighter Dennis Hallman at League S-70 - Plotforma 6th.

"It was a fast fight," he recalled. "My first punch broke his nose and I saw that he was in pain. Then I landed a flying knee, and I thought to myself: ‘How was he still standing? After some punches in clinch he went down and the referee stopped the fight."

Although the win was the biggest in his professional career, Kolobegov became instantly aware of a twinge of guilt in his heart as he looked down on Hallman's pain-stricken body.

"I was very sorry for him. For the first time in my career, I feel this pain. It was a shoot in my heart. I wasn't happy after my victory."

Nevertheless, Kolobegov's win against Hallman was the most significant of his professional career. Given that Hallman was a UFC veteran and a respectable name in the industry, Kolobegov believes his future is in the top MMA promotion.

"[The Hallman TKO] very good for my career. I think God is with me and will help me. I know I must be a part of UFC it is my dream. love the Robbie Lawler fight style and think it is amazing.

"The UFC is the best organization in the world. I'm ready to fight the best athletes."

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