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Phil Davis: Fedor won't take 'that pay cut to fight the best guys' in the UFC

The Bellator tournament champ has some thoughts on Fedor's return to action in Japan and decision to forgo fighting in the Octagon.

The news that former Pride legend Fedor Emelianenko has chosen to return to Japan rather than signing with the UFC has got everyone in MMA talking. Bellator tournament champion Phil Davis is no exception. Davis spoke to Submission Radio about "The Last Emperor."

"Well you see, that's a business thing. Like, Fedor's been able to make some good business decisions throughout his career. And the reason why he didn't go in (to the UFC), or the reason why he is where he is, is entirely business. Here's a guy who doesn't feel the need to quote, unquote "prove" himself against whomever someone else says, 'you need to prove yourself against this guy'. No, he's comfortable in himself to say 'I'll fight whoever gets in this cage' and he will go throughout his career that way. Which is, you know, there's something to be said about having that chip on your shoulder and wanting to fight the best guys. But at the same time, and businesswise he's never - well I don't know about never, but not recently - he has not recently taken that pay cut to quote, unquote 'fight the best guys'."

When asked if he would take a fight against Fedor, Davis was quick to assent.

"Man I'd have to. I'd have to. It's like, how could I not? I just...I don't know. He's a legend in the sport. It's one thing if you lose to Joe Schmo. But if you lose to Michael Jordan, people go, 'you know what? You did good against Mike'. You know? (laughs). There's competing, and that's like a fight that anybody gets up for, you get super excited for. Is he the best Fedor we've ever seen? Who knows? I would lean against no. But at the same time, I wouldn't count that man out of nothing. I'm gonna come at that man like he has a weapon in his pocket. Okay? Like he's that good."

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