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Coker: Bellator has ‘other plans’ for Kimbo than Fedor fight

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Bellator CEO Scott Coker revealed that the promotion has “other plans” for Kimbo Slice than a match-up against Fedor Emelianenko.

Two weeks ago, Fedor Emelianenko signed a multi-million dollar offer to fight for former Pride FC boss Sakakibara's new promotion in Japan. According to the official press release, the event, which takes place on December 31st, is expected to be broadcast on Spike TV and will feature several Bellator fighters on the card.

Once that announcement came about, many believed it was only a matter of time before an inevitable Fedor vs. Kimbo Slice fight was announced as the NYE headliner.

However, Bellator CEO revealed during a segment on The MMA Hour that that will not be the case.

"No, no. Kimbo is a Bellator fighter," Coker said. "We have other plans for Kimbo."

Slice is responsible for Bellator's top ratings. He achieved that when he returned from a five-year hiatus to KO Ken Shamrock in front of a peaking television audience of 2.1 million live viewers. According to Coker, Slice could fight multiple times in 2016.

"We're going to fight [Slice] early next year," Coker said. "And I think next year, you're going to see Kimbo Slice fight three times in Bellator."

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