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Couture asked about Fedor fight during Q&A, avoids question

Former UFC champion Randy Couture discussed the return of Fedor and avoided a question about whether he will fight him in Japan.

Several years ago, a Fedor Emelianenko vs. Randy Couture fight was undoubtedly the biggest possible fight in MMA history. It was a fight that could showcase the ‘Last Emperor' and final Pride FC heavyweight champion against a two-division UFC champion.

Unfortunately, the fight never took place, yet its memory continues to live on, in part due to recent rumors that Couture could be Fedor's upcoming opponent in Japan on NYE.

Couture did his part to fan the flames, as he avoided a fan question on Periscope that asked whether he was in negotiations to be Fedor's next opponent. While he was happy to discuss the Russian heavyweight's return and the cool $2.5 million payday he will receive upon his return, Couture openly admit that he was "avoiding the question" about a potential fight.

Check out the video above (0:30 second mark).

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