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KNUCKLE UP #347: UFC Fight Night Barnett-Nelson, Return of Bones, DC-Mauler Magic

Literary gunslinger Eugene S. Robinson lends his "one"-of-a-"kind" "perspective" to UFC Fight Night Barnett-Nelson up to and including how and why URIAH HALL was reborn, the mathematics at play when considering DC and the Mauler's upcoming match up, and the greasy smooth re-entry plan for JONNY BONEY JONESY. Well, that and three academics who are denying Robinson's claim that Hitler escaped from Berlin. A damnable loss of logic that beggars belief. And shit.

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In Round #347 KNUCKLE UP cooler and man who put host in "hostility" EUGENE S. ROBINSON [with the "S" standing for "Slept"] exults in a much more clever way to watch the fights [skip the shit you don't want to see: live is too short to be someone's learning curve], the genius of the fights he actually did see, why BARNETT-NELSON, as entertaining as it was moved the needle for neither man, why URIAH HALL has become the killer he was always meant to be ["it's pretty simple, really"] and for the first time ever a KNUCKLE UP TIME LINE for those listeners ON THE GO.


2] 8:52: EGGS

3] 30:34: MONKEY PUNCH



6] 41:35: NAZIS


Eugene S. Robinson host of Knuckle Up and author of Fight: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Ass-Kicking but Were Afraid You'd Get Your Ass Kicked for Asking [Harper Collins], A LONG SLOW SCREW [Robotic Boot] and a play called THE INIMITABLE SOUNDS OF LOVE; A THREESOME IN FOUR ACTS [Southern] also sings for a band called OXBOW and appeared in Bill Cosby's Leonard Part 6 (and yes, a Cosby story is in the works), a Miller Genuine Draft commercial, and had his own TV show in Germany called? "The Eugene Robinson Show."

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And FINALLY, the SECOND chapter of Eugene S. Robinson's EPIC New York Mafia saga. Send it to the WORLD.

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