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UFC Japan results: Uriah Hall knocks out Gegard Mousasi

Uriah Hall was dominated in the first round, but came out in the second and knocked out perennial contender Gegard Mousasi in the co-main event of UFC Fight Night: Barnett vs. Nelson.

Joshua Lindsey-USA TODAY Sports

Uriah Hall picked up the biggest win of his career in the co-main event of UFC Fight Night Japan by knocking out Gegard Mousasi in the second round. He was dominated in the first, but one of his patented flashy kicks caught the former Strikeforce champ early in round two. A beautiful flying knee followed it up, and one of the bigger upsets of the past few months was in the books.

Mousasi took the fight to the ground early, looking to soften Hall up with some strikes. He passed to side control, then tried to get to mount but Hall pushed him off so he had to settle for full guard again. He methodically passed again and actually got to mount, but Hall once again escaped and briefly looked for a leg lock. Mousasi escaped, but Hall then looked fora kimura. It looked dangerous for a few seconds but Mousasi deftly got out.

Mousasi got right back into mount, and Hall gave up his back. Mousasi took it with a body triangle and looked for the choke. He wasn't able to secure it before the end of the round though.

Hall opened round two with a crazy spinning kick to the face that had Mousasi on dream street. He then hit a jumping knee that put him down. Mousasi grabbed a leg and tried to survive but Hall pounded him out. The finish came at the 25 second mark of the second.

Hall, once tapped as a surefire contender after his TUF run, has had a lot of ups and downs in his UFC career so far, but this might be the win that can finally break him into top-level fights in the middleweight division.