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Josh Barnett vs. Roy Nelson full fight video highlights from UFC: Japan main event

Watch heavyweights Josh Barnett and Roy Nelson throw down as the headliner for UFC: Japan.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Josh Barnett and Roy Nelson collided as the headliner of the UFC's return to Tokyo, Japan. Barnett came in looking visually in better shape and weighed in 13 lbs lighter than his last contest. Clearly it played a factor, with the two heavyweights going the full 25-minutes and Josh coming out as the far fresher fighter.

Barnett worked the clinch and threw with both power and volume as he wore out Nelson for what was arguably a clean sweep in all 5 rounds. Watch video from their heavyweight bout along with snippets from the play-by-play of our live blog below:

R4: Barnett opens with a left high kick but his front kick is nearly caught by Nelson. Barnett keeps moving forward, punching his way into the clinch. Two knees to the body land hard for Barnett, prompting Nelson to pursue a single leg. Nelson finishes it but Barnett immediately reverses and they end up back in the clinch. Nasty horizontal elbow from Barnett blasts Nelson in the teeth.

Two uppercuts land for Barnett, who steps back and unloads a flurry with both hands. Nelson, his back still on the fence, fires back a combo. Barnett cleaves to the face with another horizontal elbow, then follows with two more. Nelson grabs a single leg and finishes it; Barnett counters with a leg lock and Nelson hops on his back but can't hold position. Nelson keeps Barnett on the cage with a single leg, then looks to hoist him with it. Barnett's base is too wide and he stays upright. The ref steps in with a minute left to separate them. Barnett continues his high volume of dirty boxing in the clinch and it might be wearing Nelson down. 10-9 Barnett.

R5: Barnett lands a spinning back kick to the body. Nelson answers with a right kick that slams into Barnett's midsection and it draws a smile from both competitors. Barnett puts Nelson on the cage and continues to chip away with knees, elbows and uppercuts. Barnett is ceaseless in the clinch, firing left and right elbows while peeling off Nelson's wrist control.

Nelson fires back with an elbow and an uppercut. Barnett with a knee downstairs and it prompts Nelson to shoot for a double leg, but he only succeeds in putting Barnett's back on the fence. A few foot stomps from Nelson, then he turns the corner and finishes the body-lock trip. Barnett looks for the kimura but settles for the escape when he can't get it. They separate and Barnett marches right after Nelson to resume his clinch bashing. They're separated with 40 seconds left. Nelson lands a pair of rights downstairs and Barnett answers with a left body kick. Then another. Nelson clubs him with a right just before the bell sounds. Big hearts shown by both fighters in a highly respectable contest. 10-9 Barnett.  I have it 50-46 Barnett.

Josh Barnett defeats Roy Nelson by unanimous decision (48-47 x2, 50-45)

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