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Video: Demetrious Johnson and Cub Swanson vs. sumo wrestler

2 UFC fighters vs 1 sumo wrestler, who wins?

Chris McGrath/Getty Images

Cub Swanson and Demetrious Johnson are both in Japan for tonight's UFC event, and the two talented fighters decided to go around Tokyo before the event. One of their visits were to watch Sumo wrestlers train, and they decided to take on one of them at the same time.

Two UFC fighters with a combined weight of around 300 lbs versus a single sumo wrestler, who wins? Watch the clip below.

Me and @mightymouse125 against a Sumo champion

A video posted by Cub Swanson (@cubswanson) on

Here's a couple of photos from the stable in Tokyo.

Respect the art #Japan

A photo posted by Demetrious Johnson (@mightymouse125) on

Got to catch Sumo practice at one of the most popular stables in Tokyo

A photo posted by Cub Swanson (@cubswanson) on

Sumo in Japan :)

A video posted by Cub Swanson (@cubswanson) on