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Wladimir Klitschko vs. Tyson Fury postponed due to Klitschko injury

See? It's not just MMA that loses out on interesting fights because of injuries.

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October was shaping up to be a pretty big month for boxing, with several high-profile events taking place on HBO or HBO PPV. Well guess what? Today we get to report boxing injury news instead of major UFC injury for a change, as heavyweight king Wladimir Klitschko (64-3, 53 KOs) is out of his much-anticipated October 24th showdown with undefeated British star Tyson Fury (24-0, 18 KOs). This comes literally two days after Fury dressed up as Batman and defeated The Joker in a press conference in England. Klitschko released this statement to Sky Sports:

"Especially after the exciting press conference last Wednesday, I was looking forward to this fight very much. I know that a lot of fans have already organised their trips to support me in Dusseldorf.

"I am so sorry that I am not able to fight on October 24. I also apologise to my opponent, who has spent many weeks preparing for this fight. I will do my very best to recover as fast as possible."

Fury, who is known for his eccentric (and off-putting, to some) personality and trash-talking the UFC's Cain Velasquez, had this cool, respectful, level-headed respo--HAHAHA of course he didn't. He called Klitschko a bitch instead and that he knew he'd pull out with an injury (which he genuinely called).

The current plan is to announce the rescheduled date some time within the next week, but it's expected that the fight will remain in the 50,000+ capacity ESPRIT Arena in Germany.

If you're an MMA fan, this may actually be a positive if you wanted to watch both the UFC Dublin show and the Klitschko-Fury fight live, because they would've otherwise clashed on the schedule. Now the afternoon is solely dedicated to UFC Fight Night: Duffy vs. Poirier, while HBO will still have rising star Terence Crawford against Dierry Jean on their evening broadcast.

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