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Bellator lightweight misses lightweight, welterweight limit for Ryan Couture fight

There's a pretty good chance that Nick Gonzalez won't be fighting Ryan Couture on tomorrow's Bellator 143 prelims.

Normally, details on the Bellator preliminary card weigh-ins aren't really that newsworthy, but today is one of those days where it undeniably is. The leading prelim on tomorrow night's Bellator 143 show in Hidalgo, Texas is former UFC and Strikeforce fighter Ryan Couture against Legacy FC veteran Nick Gonzalez. To preface this, Gonzalez hasn't fought since getting submitted by Leonard Garcia in 2013, because his last scheduled fight on a Titan FC show was cancelled when Gonzalez fainted while cutting weight. Against Garcia, he missed the featherweight limit so badly that they held it at a 153 lbs catchweight.

At today's weigh-ins, Gonzalez outdid himself. He tipped (and probably broke) the scales at a whopping 172.75 lbs for a LIGHTWEIGHT fight vs. Couture. Gonzalez missed weight so badly that he literally also went over the welterweight limit. If you don't believe me, you can watch the video for yourself at the top of the page. Fast-forward to the 8:07 timestamp, if not to solely to see Jimmy Smith's own reaction to it a few seconds after Gonzalez gets off the scale.

Gonzalez is guaranteed to be fined by Texas' commission, and chances are this fight will be cancelled, in which case we'll update the post accordingly if/when it is.

UPDATE: The fight has been cancelled. What a surprise.