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Anthony Pettis 'hates' Dos Anjos, wants to help Cerrone train to beat him

Donald Cerrone says Anthony Pettis wants to help him train for Rafael Dos Anjos because he hates the guy.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Anthony Pettis lost his UFC title in a really tough bout against Rafael Dos Anjos last March. Something must not have sat well for Pettis since then, because apparently he even wants to help a fellow top contender in Donald Cerrone train for the Brazilian champ.

Cerrone, who had already faced Pettis back in 2013, shared the story on an appearance at Joe Rogan's podcast.

"Anthony told me, he said 'Cowboy, if you need me to come down and train for Dos Anjos -- I hate that motherf***er!'" Cerrone said about the offer. "I said 'Pettis, I might just hit you up on that'"

"Wow. That could be a good thing, man," Rogan responded. "He could give you some insight."

Pettis and Cerrone currently sit at number 1 and 2 at the UFC lightweight rankings respectively. Pettis is set to take on Eddie Alvarez this January, and could conceivably earn another crack at the belt with a victory.

Whatever his reasons are, I guess he really must dislike RDA enough to be willing to train a former and possible future opponent.

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