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Bobby Lashley explains why his MMA career went differently than Brock Lesnar's

The former pro-wrestler discusses his upcoming Bellator fight versus James Thompson and why he approached his MMA career differently than Brock Lesnar.

When you look at Bobby Lashley's career, the comparison with former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar seems obvious. Both athletes have an impressive physique, were strong amateur wrestlers, both have worked for pro-wrestling organization WWE, and both have made the transition to MMA. But there, the similarities end.

While Lesnar jumped into the UFC quickly after leaving the WWE, captured the UFC heavyweight title and then retired and returned to pro-wrestling, Lashley worked his way up the rankings in the minor leagues. After a less-than-average start, the 39-year-old powerhouse is now on a six fight winning streak and campaigning for a Bellator title shot.

"Brock came on a good path and he was able to do everything at the beginning with the UFC," Lashley explained to "But you gotta take into consideration, they do a tremendous amount of money with him, so he had a camp built right at his house, he brought people in, his coaches and everything like that, so he prepared himself a little differently, which was good for him. I think he did a great job with what he had. I mean, you can't take anything away from Brock, he was an amazing, amazing athlete, amazing fighter. Sure he has gone a different route now, but I think it's all circumstances, where you were, and what I wanted to do. What I want to do, I want to have longevity."

Lashley recently extended his contract with Bellator MMA. Before he can get his hands on the promotion's heavyweight belt, that hasn't been defended by champion Vitaly Minakov in over a year, he will finally get a rematch against British giant James Thompson. Thompson handed Lashley his second loss in 2012 -- his last one to date. A rematch was scheduled and fell through two times already.

"He's the perfect opponent, I mean, we have kinda love-and-hate relationship right now, I hate him and he loves to talk trash," Lashley said of Thompson. The judges gave the Brit the decision in their first meeting at Super Fight League in India, a decision he feels that should have been his. Still, Lashley wants to make up for his mistakes made in the fight.

"No excuses, I think I fought terribly. I didn't train right for it, I didn't train at all for it, and I fought terribly and he came home with the victory. I don't think he got the victory, I went home, he went to the hospital and spent some time at the hospital. I broke his orbital bone and I think that's what's gonna happen again. He's gonna go out there, he's gonna try to charge me and I'm gonna spin him around, I'm gonna put my hands on him and we're gonna battle. We're gonna brawl."

Lashley and Thompson are set to fight at Bellator 145 on November 6th in St. Louis. You can watch the whole interview in the video above.