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Donald Cerrone reflects on loss to Nate Diaz: 'He got in my head'

Donald Cerrone says he's learned from his mistake of fighting angry against Nate Diaz in 2011.

Steve Snowden/Getty Images

Donald Cerrone suffered one of the worst losses of his career when he fought Nate Diaz at UFC 141 in 2013. The Stockton menace battered Cerrone from pillar-to-post, all while taunting the JacksonWink fighter with verbal slurs and middle fingers. But that's in the past, and 'Cowboy' has learned from his mistakes.

The 32-year-old reflected on his loss to Diaz on the "Joe Rogan Expeierence" on Tuesday. He compared the Diaz brothers to Conor McGregor and said he's willing to rematch Nate anytime.

"The Diaz brothers have the most incredible following," Cerrone said. "Almost as incredible as the Conor McGregor following. His cult is unbelievable. 'He'll beat your ass again.' Well, bring his ass on because I'm ready whenever."

The Albuquerque local admitted that Diaz got into his head and has vowed to never fight angry again.

"I'm not making any [excuses]," Cerrone said of the loss the Diaz. "He got in my head. Absolutely. That s**t don't happen anymore. Everyone tells me, 'Conor's in your head. Dos Anjos is in your head.' No the f**k they're not. It was a super lesson.

"I fought out of anger. I sucked that night. That's all there is to it. No excuses. Mother f***er beat me."

Donald Cerrone will rematch Rafael dos Anjos for the lightweight championship at UFC on FOX 17 at the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida. The #2 ranked lightweight dropped a unanimous decision to dos Anjos in 2013, but will look to take the title from the Brazilian on December 19th.